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Smart Nutrition and Wellness Powered by Naturally Flavorful Healthy Foods

Matching excellence in healthy food with the unique nutritional needs of each person, NutroCore is re-defining the concept of Smart Nutrition.

We create delicious USDA Organic and non-GMO certified organically grown coffee, tea, and other natural delicacies using reinvigorating recipes while also offering you an AI nutrition app that designs a personalized nutrition plan that suits your unique individual dietary needs.

Cinnamon Turmeric Organic Coffee

Spicing up your coffee while also spicing up your brain functions and boosting your immune system. There’s a world of health benefits that you can enjoy with our ready-to-shipped Cinnamon Turmeric Organic Coffee. All so that you can brew the most flavorful and energizing coffee you’ll ever taste!

We also offer premium freeze-dried instant coffee infused with the powerful properties of dark chocolate, Vanilla or hazelnut. Our earthy, creamy coffee is truly an elixir of life.

Whether you throw a packet in your bag during a day hike, whip it up into a gorgeous Dalgona coffee, or mix a nighttime dessert coffee as a midnight snack, our freeze-dried instant coffee is an irresistible choice that is the ultimate in happiness and health.

NutroCore Online Health Food Store

Our carefully made USDA Organic non-GMO health food products are ready to be delivered to your door.

Enjoy the convenience of NutroCore Online Health Food Store.

Coming soon, right here!

/ About Us

Sourced in Nature, Guided by Science

Using only Nature’s finest ingredients, NatureCore is dedicated to producing a range of healthy foods, with a special emphasis on USDA Organic, non-GMO Coffee and Tea recipes infused with special energizing properties.

While we’re a principled company, we don’t just create the healthy nutritious products that your body needs to stay balanced based on ideas. Our team of experts is made up of nutritionists, molecular biologists, researchers, physicians, AI specialists, and culinary professionals. Together, we bring decades of experience to the dining table, using science to guide us in creating the best, most flavorful, and balanced organic healthy food for you to enjoy.

Our commitment is to become a leading organic food producing company that specializes in unique recipes that match nature’s best ingredients with refined taste and science-based formulas. Our science-driven approach seeks to deliver the best organic food to cater to your body and lifestyle’s unique needs.

At the same time, through the NutroCore AI Nutrition App, we’re also using cutting-edge technology to offer personalized nutrition plans that are matched with the fully-customized, data-driven specially-crafted meals, snacks, and drinks that we create for you.

AI and Data-Driven Personal Nutrition

Transformative Nutrition.

Experience the nurturing transformation of eating natural nutrient-rich foods that are designed to power your health and promote your wellbeing.

Science-Based Eating.

Your body’s cells are as singular as your needs. NutroCore creates nutritious products that make every bite boost energy, strengthen your immunity, and help you live life to the fullest.

Personalized Wellness.

Considering your genetic makeup, lifestyle, and goals, our AI nutrition app generates a personalized meal plan that allows us to send you customized nourishment that’s designed especially for you.

NutroCore AI Nutrition App

Being healthy is a goal that you can only truly accomplish if you make sure you satisfy your unique dietary and lifestyle needs.

The NutroCore AI Nutrition App leverages NutroCore’s extensive expertise in the fields of health and nutrition with personalized data-driven nutrition recommendations created specifically for you.

/ Community Outreach

Illumination FoundationBringing the Power of Food.To Those Who Need it Most.

Eating well strengthens your body, sharpens your mind, and nourishes your soul… but eating well—which should be a universally accessible basic human right—often seems like a luxury to people who can’t have access to nutritious food. At NutroCore, we believe that everyone deserves access to the positive effects of pure, delicious, nutrient-rich foods, which is why we’ve teamed up with Illumination Foundation, a visionary organization that brings immediate, sustainable and balanced relief to those in need.

Today, nearly half a million people in the US are experiencing homelessness, and an estimated 15 million households struggle with food insecurity. Illumination Foundation is working tirelessly to close that gap and bring targeted support to individuals in need of it. At NutroCore, we’re proud to donate a percentage of all profits to Illumination Foundation, as a way of helping to bring true nourishment to those who need it the most.

As we threw our energy into creating NutroCore, we knew we were doing something important; developing great-tasting, nature-sourced eats that changed lives for the better. We also knew we wanted to do something more. We wanted to take steps to create a more just and beautiful world, where every individual could share in the earth’s bounty. We’re continuously grateful to Illumination Foundation for making that possible, and we’ll remain committed to keep helping their life-affirming work.


Smart Nutrition and Wellness for Everyone

Flavorful organic products in a healthy food range of options created for professional athletes as much as for seniors, children and entire families.

NutroCore brings the best in USDA Organic and non-GMO Coffee, Tea, and other health products combined with the power of AI-nutrition-based personalized meals.

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Smart Nutrition – Why Eating Smart Works

Sometimes it helps to hear a story from someone else living it. For example, weight loss – you know it’s important. You know you should eat healthy. You know you should get yourself down to a healthy weight, but then there’s emotional eating, yo-yo diets, and just good food, right? What if you heard from…

Health Benefits Of Adding Cinnamon And Turmeric To Your Morning Mug

A glorious, steaming mug of coffee is often what makes a morning complete. The simple, daily ritual of treating yourself to a nourishing, wake-up cup is actually extremely beneficial in its own right. However, there are a couple of extra secrets you can use to make the most of your brew. This way, your coffee…

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Current opportunities

Ecommerce Product Manager

NutroCore is looking for an Ecommerce Management Product Manager who will own NutroCore’s Ecommerce platform and work alongside business users and IT to provide a seamless experience. The duties will include analyzing and facilitating business requirements, driving design, owning configuration, and managing expectations that will meet business needs.

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Purchasing Manager

We are looking for a full-time Purchasing Manager who will be responsible for managing the development, implementation and continuous improvement of procurement activities including procurement strategies, vendor relationships, inventory control, and strategic sourcing.

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Senior Quality Analyst

The successful candidate will demonstrate a strong commitment to quality and service, solutions-based thinking, and keen interpersonal & leadership skills.

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Contract Analyst

This role will support our sales team and professional services team in winning new business, especially complex, high revenue and strategic deals. Working with teams across the business, crafting SOWs, proposals, services sales content and systems of scale for all of the contracts. Success in this role means new revenue for the business, and improvements to deal with quality and deal velocity.

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From professional athletes to seniors, children, and entire families, our revolutionary AI personalized meals are here to maximize our body’s nutrition intake.

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You can reach us at 

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1175 Baker Street, Suite E19 , Costa Mesa, 92626